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Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
The cost of your credit as a yearly rate.

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Billing Address
The mailing address to which you would like to have your monthly billing statement delivered. This is typically your home address but can be any other address, including a P.O. Box.

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Conventional Financing
The use of credit to finance the purchase of a vehicle over an agreed-upon duration or term.

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The amount of a vehicle's projected decline in value through normal use.

Down Payment
An initial amount paid to reduce the amount financed and lower the monthly payment amount.

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Gap Protection
A policy or agreement that covers the gap between the finance obligation and insurance settlement in the event the vehicle is "totaled" or stolen.

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Personal Property Tax
A state or locality imposed percentage tax that is assessed to owners of certain personal property, such as automobiles and/or other vehicles, durable goods (usually excluding household goods and personal effects), stocks, bonds, etc. Personal Property Tax is assessed based on the fair market value of the property.

Primary Account
If you manage more than one vehicle under the same username, the account you registered with is the primary account. This account is used to manage some of the self-service tools available to you, and is the default account used when you log in.

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Sales Tax
A state or locality imposed percentage tax that is assessed on certain goods and/or services at the point of purchase.

Simple Interest Financing Method
A method of calculating interest that maximizes principal reduction beginning with the first payment. This is as opposed to other methods of calculating interest that result in initial monthly installments being allocated almost entirely toward paying off interest, thereby delaying the bulk of principal reduction.

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The duration of the finance agreement. Typically expressed in months.

The legal document used to identify the owner of a vehicle.

Trade In Value
The value of a vehicle applied to the purchase of another vehicle.

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Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
Your vehicle’s unique identification number. It can be found in the "Your Account Overview" section of your billing statement, on your vehicle registration, on the vehicle itself, and on your vehicle contract.

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